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Carolyn’s comic strip Curls was first published in The Commonwealth Times, the student newspaper of Virginia Commonwealth University. While earning a BFA degree in Communication Arts and Design, Carolyn began publishing Curls as a webcomic and still continues to do so. In 2010, Curls was nominated for the Friends of Lulu Kim Yale Award to recognize women in cartooning.

The White House

The White House Office of Digital Strategy approached Carolyn with the concept of creating health care comics for the Affordable Care Act. The First Lady Michelle Obama posted the athletic cartoon on her Instagram and Twitter accounts and it has received nearly 18,000 likes on Instagram. Carolyn’s #GetCovered cartoons have been covered by several news outlets including The Washington Post, CBR (Comic Book Resources), The Blaze, The Patriot Post, ComicsDC, and more.

Black Magic Tales: Area 52

Since 2013, Carolyn has organized several of the finest cartoonists in the Washington, DC area to devote their time and talents to sketch for blood donors annually during the “Cartoonists Draw Blood” drive with American Red Cross and National Cartoonists Society. The reason is simple: it’s a great opportunity for cartoonists to serve their community while showcasing their art skills and encouraging blood donation. This event expanded our activities beyond the drive by exhibiting work in gallery shows and producing anthology books. This four page story was published in Cartoonists Draw Blood: Monsters (our second anthology) in 2018.

Mine! Anthology

ComicMix contacted Carolyn to contribute a story in their Mine! Anthology and she created a comic about Fania Mindell, one of the three women who created Planned Parenthood. Fania was also a set and costume designer for Broadway theaters in New York. This book won Best Comics Anthology last year at Baltimore Comic-Con’s Ringo Awards. Neil Gaiman, Amber Benson, Gail Simone, Cliff Chiang, Trina Robbins, Mark Waid, Louise Simonson, Dean Haspiel, Shannon Wheeler, Taylor Esposito, and many other creators were involved with the project.

Black Magic Tales (published in Magic Bullet)

Roxy Monroe and Dean Casanova love being the most wanted criminals on the face of the planet — and that’s why the public loves them. Add up Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, or any other outlaw on the run in human history and that still wouldn’t equal the amount of fun and out-of-control mayhem that ensues whenever Roxy and Dean show up to pull a heist. These stories were all published in Magic Bullet, Washington, DC’s comics anthology newspaper. Magic Bullet can be found at many venues, including book stores, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, theaters, and more.